Mutsuki-class destroyer NAGATSUKI

The debris are 2-10 meters deep and is scattered around 100 meters. According to landowner, islanders exploded with dynamite and recovered metals around 2003. Corals grow on the wreckage, and they are home to fish.

NAGATSUKI are scattered in the shallow water deps area because they were unable to sailing after being stranded and were abandoned. But it may be thrown away by the explosion, and some mechanisms may exist in deeper areas. Islanders are reluctant to preserve.

Access from Munda to Jack Harbor is good and the water quality is also good. So, we think it is suitable for sightseeing as snorkeling. For this, it can be understood that it has multiple meaning of fishing reefs, tourism resources, and cultural properties.

The propellers are almost totally in shape. But other than that, it does not maintain its shape and can hardly be identified by the growth of corals. We discovered a mechanism that we knew was a destroyer. For example, Torpedo launcher foundation, Gun pedestal etc.

Finally, We confirmed that it was a destroyer NAGATSUKI.

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